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Old Motorcycle Cap

Old Motorcycle Cap


Nostalgia. The open roads. Road warriors. You've seen it all.

Or, at the very least, the cap you now wear has. 
A homage to the olden days of dare devils out in the badlands. 


There's nothing quite like the smell of leather and gasoline.

The goggles are all but ancient, rusting, and the lenses look like shit. But the NOSTALGIA.. It's worth it.


You race across the dunes on your bike like the heroes of old.

It might not be a Dakar, but to you, it's just as good.

The emotions you've had locked away since childhood stream out and give you bliss. It's an unhinged feeling of freedom. Of love. The kind no person can give. 

It's longing to share it's olden glory days with you.

Together, you'll craft a new legacy. A legacy so great your grandchildren will want to hear it again, and again, until one day you breathe no more.


But until then, live free. Live wild, and let the ever changing dunes keep you company.

To the old heroes. We tip our helmets in respect to you all.

Color: Brown
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