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Padded Syn-Fiber Combat Shirt

Padded Syn-Fiber Combat Shirt



Hey fuck face, yeah you, behind the bar!
You made my drink with some foul shit bro!

No-NO! I did NOT order a Martini Extra Dry with a SLIGHT stirr. I expressly said MEDIUM stirr! You incompetent PIECE OF SHIT!

Don't you know your own job?!

Is it really that hard to pour a drink you imbecile?!

...Why are you coming out here! To apologize? 

Wait, is that a knife? WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO? 


N54 News in with special report. 

Customer stabbed to death in the Afterlife after horrific threats to staff of mutliation. All eye witness accounts say it was a clear case of self defense. Sadly the CCTV system failed for exactly 45 seconds...suspiciously during the incident window.. but are now back up. NCPD has yet to comment on the case. 


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