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Paisley Universe Armor-Coated Button-Up

Paisley Universe Armor-Coated Button-Up


Pride of your family. Top of all your classes. The best of the best. You had it all: a cushy but hands-on position in Arasaka, the skills and the smarts to establish dominance over the lowly masses, and the world as your oyster. And yet you lost it all, because some snot-nosed brat with a rich daddy fancied herself deserving of YOUR position.


So what do you do when you’ve been betrayed bythe Corporation you’ve served all your life, blacklisted and left for dead in Night City?


Why, get into touch with your fashionista side, of course! Chase down that modelling career you sometimes daydreamed about! Wear the fanciest outfits (seriously, even the dirtiest of alleys can be goldmines if you know where to look)! Earn some eddies on the side while you’re waiting for the next gig to come in!


And what better way to flash some style and remind yourself of where you came from than this flashy blue button-up? It might not be old-school Arasaka red, but it’s both stylish and practical. You want stealth, that’s what your old tactical gear is for – and you’ve never been one to hide who you are! You’re not afraid of the gonks of NC, and this shirt shows it!


So what are you waiting for? Get this button-up today!

Color: Blue
  • Console Code


  • Location of Item

    Where: TBA
    Location Info: TBA

  • Mods used

    Kala's Cyberware Colors And Demo V Texture Edits (Cyberware 1): Nexus Mods, made by Kala

    Kala's Makeup Edits (Darker Cat Eyeliner): Nexus Mods, made by Kala

    Better Natural Colors (Chocolate Brown): Nexus Mods, made by Shaundi452

    Badlands Accessories (Thigh Holster): Nexus Mods, made by Ashe

    Gorilla Arms Extended (Black Gorilla Arms): Nexus Mods, made by MeteorIWTD

    Custom Eye Colors (Neon Blue): Nexus Mods, made by SilverEzredes

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