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Porsche 911 II (930) Turbo

Porsche 911 II (930) Turbo


The Porsche 911 Turbo is the signature customized vehicle of legendary rockerboy Johnny Silverhand, lead singer of Samurai. This specific Porsche was manufactured in 1977. When Johnny got his hands on it many years later, he customized it to represent his band. It is also overall a tuned vehicle.


In the following years, Johnny would cruise through Night City with it.[3] It was also the car Johnny drove while dating Rogue Amendiares when they were younger. She has good memories of that time.


After Johnny's death in 2023, a former pararescue firefighter known as Samantha Stevens recovered Silverhand's car. She kept hidden in her garage for decades, preserving the vehicle in its pristine state. Unfortunately, Samantha died of cancer in 2045 or not long after. This was due to her having accessed the Hot Zone shortly after the nuke went off.


At some point later, Adam Smasher acquired the rockerboy's possessions from Samantha's place, including the car, which ended locked up inside a cargo container on the Ebunike Docks of Night City until 2077. It was then when V and Rogue's assaulted the docks to find information about Smasher, though ending up finding Jeremiah Grayson instead - Smasher's "right hand". He had the keys to the car, and after obtaining them, V opened the container and got their hands on the 911 Turbo, to the surprise and enjoyment of Johnny.[ Rogue was also surprised to see the car if V managed to convince her to have a date with Johnny.

  • How To Buy

    Obtained during the quest "Chippin' In" right after the fight against Jeremiah Grayson.

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