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Psycho Impact-Absorbent Nanoweave T-Shirt

Psycho Impact-Absorbent Nanoweave T-Shirt


So you like taking hits to the chest.

Some call you a bit of a masochist. You know, the whips. The candles. Just plain old good fun in back alleys. Normal stuff.
Me, I call it fun.


Whatever the case, this microscopic lining gives you a little more absorbent rating that will otherwise leave some deep bruising. Now you can have them swing as hard as they want. It's preem choom. You should get one yourself.

The Psycho in you want it. We know you do.

Be a man, wear Psycho.

Color: Brown
  • Location of Item

    Where: Maelstrom - Flathead Meet ( All Foods Packing Plant )
    Location Details: Second room after Millitech Assault, Right side by the console. Dual lockers.



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