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Punk High-collar Vest

Punk High-collar Vest


Yo, check this brain dance fam!
This bitch just rocked three 6 street thugs at once! 

Fuuuuuck man, this is MONEY! 
That knee to the head, jeeez,S A V A G E! 
Knocked that sucker out COLD homie! 
Even merc'd 'em after knocking them out.. 

That's some top 'dolla hit if I ever saw one.

The pure calculated ADRENALINE as the bullets wizz by her head. 

We're going to make a KILLING!

  • Console Code


  • Location of Item

    Downtown North FT node - head south, in pink luggage across from yellow "honeycomb" wall; 2243.34, 1241.08 Stylishly - Wellsprings - Heywood

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