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Purple Symphony Enhanced Polyamide Edgerunner

Purple Symphony Enhanced Polyamide Edgerunner


So you've heard of this little band called the Yakuza? 
Well, at the very least you've probably heard of those tyger claws. 
It's pretty much all the same.


With a symphony of violence behind them, this is their final product. 
Yeah we're not kidding. We thought so at first also!

The fucking Yakuza is now doing jackets. Fucking wild isnt it!
Apparently they use Americans to make them, since their own people wouldnt touch such shoddy..err... I mean preem craftman ship!

Rumors say the Tygers went down to the dock, slaughtered a whole fucking warehouse of workers and set up shop and forces the locals to do the work. Not that different from sweatshops from their Neighbours! 

Anyway. The point is. Don't but this! Even though it looks cool.
You'll probably pull maaad dick as well. But no. Don't. Fucking. Buy it. 
Theres not many and they NEED to stay on shelves. Because they're magical. Like. Yeah... 

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