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Reinforced Breathable Dress Shirt

Reinforced Breathable Dress Shirt


No fucking way.. is that.. A PLATINUM Samurai Vinyl....Originally minted in the first batch?

It can't be.. These gonk's wouldn't be that stupid...would they?
Double stamped casing. Vinyl color looks right. Groove depth.. looks correct. Holy fuck. I'm going to be RICH!

Chill choom. You've trained for this all your life. Relax. You're the fucking man. 

Anon - "How much for this heap of shit?"
Vendor- "What you calling a heap of shit! You fucking gonk! HOW DARE YOU!"
Anon - "Listen lady, I don't have all day. 3 Eddies. Best I can do. On second glance, make it 2."
Vendor - "15 Eddies, no less for rude boys like you!" 
Anon - "Alright, alright. Listen. Best I can do is 7. Meet me half wa-..."
Vendor -  "14.99. Best I can do rude boy! Take it or get the hell of my stall you no good window licker!"
Anon- "Aight shorty. I'll take it. You drive a mad hustle here. Respect lady. Transfering your Eddies now" 

And that chooms, is how our Reinforced Breathable Dress Shirt totally made all the difference in a trade deal that started the rise of J Records CEO Donnelly. 

Color: Grey
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