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Reinforced Synleather Nomad Jacket

Reinforced Synleather Nomad Jacket


*Incident Report 249.21 Motel CCTV. "Mamba Slaughter" - START*


Howdy city slicker. I believe you and your little friends here have taken a wrong turn somewhere along this holler. You see.. This is the black mamba territory. And last I checked, y'all motherfucker's aint tatted up. Tell you what... it's a easy mistake to make!

Incest avenue is the right turn back where y'all came from. Fit right at home! So tell you what. Drop your hardware before I drop you and your little sissy boy, lotioned up smooth skin fuck buddies trying to look tough over there... What my name is? Oh boy, I bet you'd like to know. Pray to your silly gods while I squeeze your pretty little adams apple to dust.. *Whizz*


*Incident Report 249.21 Motel CCTV. "Mamba Slaughter" - END*

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    Where: TBA
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