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Rozovaya Reka Pencil Dress With Protective Membrane

Rozovaya Reka Pencil Dress With Protective Membrane


Listen. I'm not going to tell you again Chen. If my boss has to ask me to come over here and request you humbly pay the money you owe one more time, I'm going to get my guy over there to come up here and make your ribcage into a instrument.   Pissing away his money on a food cart... You're pretty dense, huh Chen?

Tell you what... if you can figure out a way to pay me back today by the time I offer that big fucking brute down there the money you owe to fuck you over.... we'll call it a day. Don't you dare run. Sit. Enjoy your god damn food. It might be the last solids you eat for a while unless you can get that dense brain of yours into gear in a hurry. See you in a bit, Chen..

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  • Where to Find

    Most clothing vendors across the city

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