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Sapfir 3D Heavy Triple-Weave Nanocarbon Pozer-Jacket

Sapfir 3D Heavy Triple-Weave Nanocarbon Pozer-Jacket


PSYCHE-DIV suits you perfectly. 

You get to look hot as fuck and still bash heads in with your detachment of no questions asked robots. While they might not be as badass as Tachikomas, these thing's dont ask if its moral to gun down a crowd standing between you and a perp.


The olden holoreels show battle droids as bumbling fools with aim not worth a piss. 

They don't strike fear in the enemy. Quithe the oposite.

Try standing still thinking 40 of these  specialized badboys won't make you into jelly.

I dare you. I double dare you motherfucker. 


Fulfill the mission at any cost. 
Bring the city under law and order again. It's all a game of statistics.

If  peace is acheived, the means to get there is all justified. 

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