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Scaled Kinryu Blazer With Carbon-composite Insets

Scaled Kinryu Blazer With Carbon-composite Insets


I might not have agreed with her choices in joining the animals.. but she was my flesh and blood none the less. My only one left in this shithole they call a city. Night City. What a joke. They might think this will weaken our war efforts.. hired thugs. They just killed the only thing left that stopped me from burning the city to the ground.


There's no shadow dark enough in night city to hide the shooters. To your honor my sister, my love. I'll bathe these streets in the blood of these junkies. May you rest in peace, for these bastards certainly wont. Get your forces together. I'm getting my crew over here ready for war. I don't care if we have open war with the NCPD. I want them all dead. DEAD! 

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    Where: TBA
    Location Info: TBA

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