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Scav Ballistic Vest

Scav Ballistic Vest


The name might suggest this is some gonk shit glued together. 

You've got it wrong. This is for HUNTING Scavs. Not BY Scavs. 
When you have to hunt animals you bring the best ballistic protection you can buy.


Once someone feasts on human flesh they need to be put down.

Roaming the back alleys at night hoping to drag them out of their hidey holes.
And today, it's your lucky day. Because they'll be feasting on lead tonight.


With added carbon composite shielding strips to disperse any kinetic energy transfers from blunt weapons. With optional ability to refit with electro shock plating for the same strips that will hyper shock anyone stupid enough to grab a hold of the front of you. 

*Caution, if you're taking a piss and have the electrical system on, there is a chance your dick will get shocked and fall off. Yeah...we know. Our R&D department found that out the hard way on a field test.......*

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    Where: TBA
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