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Shabby 6th Street Aramid Vest

Shabby 6th Street Aramid Vest


**Internal Memo - Betrayal**
Choom. This is some serious shit. We've got solid intel we have a snake in the midst. Apparently someone within the inner core is talking to netwatch. Fuck knows why. The only thing I know is that's a fucking no-go. They'll get a call from a handler within the next day or so. I've gotten all the homies to stay around the housing complexes.

I want V on the roof. All comms monitored. Once I give the word on who, I want you to kill whoevers inner crew it is and get the fucking snake to me. I want to skin'er alive. YOU HEAR ME V! SKIN'ER ALIVE! FUCK THEM SNAKES MAN! SHEEESH!

Color: Camo
  • Console Code


  • Location of Item

    2595.4, 1446.13 Clothing Vendor Arroya - Santo Domingo

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