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Streetwear Dress with Welded Hems

Streetwear Dress with Welded Hems


If I want to give you all my eddies? Do I look like the average junkie you can stick up for a fiver miss? 

Oh, I'm sorry, does the dress make it look like I'm the type to be fucked with? I'm on my way home from a late night, alright?!  Kindly step out of the way. 


Listen miss, my head is pounding from fucking your old man like saw horse all night. Either you step to the side or I will genuinely zero you just for stinking up my area. No? Alright then tough gal, let's make it quick. 


*Synapse Burnout mass deployment shell initialising*

*Finding local ports* 

*Error 404*

*Infecting all users in radius*

*Defeating ICE with zero day*


*Upload complete*





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    Where: TBA
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