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Synthetic Corporate Jacket

Synthetic Corporate Jacket


Behold the corporate gonk, way out of her element. In the Badlands, the rules of the corporate world do not apply. Wealth, status, notoriety - all useless.


Here, we see the corpo-gonk sulking when her car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Without the skills to fix her car, she is soon reduced to hassling random Nomads to fix her car. Eventually, a passing, kind-hearted Nomad offers to fix her car, out of the goodness of her heart.


Moral of the story is this: don't be a corporate gonk out in the middle of nowhere, and if you must, at least learn some basic skills, like how to fix your car.


...and that's a wrap! Great job, Del! You were - hey, why do you have that look on your face? What's with that shotgun?! Why are you aiming it at me?! You were a natural-



  • Console Code

    Game.AddToInventory("Items.FormalJacket_05_basic_01", 1)

  • Location of Item

    Where: TBA
    Location Info: TBA

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