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Tamashi Enhanced Short Puffer

Tamashi Enhanced Short Puffer


Being a drug fiend aint no fucking joke. 
When every waking moment is a struggle to get high life is hell. 
Getting that zombie walk on. Hustling all day, all night. 
Just to get high. At all cost. Steal. Trick. Whatever. Just give me some pills man. No creds to get help, no creds to get clean. Sure as hell no creds for a roof. The badlands are rough. Few dealers. Only a few places that has their dumpsters unlocked during the day for some stale food. 
What I'd give for a night a hostel and a hand to hold.

  • Console Code


  • Location of Item

    2678.13, 847.027 Saeko's Clothing - Japantown - Westbrook

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