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Titanium-Layer Platform Boots

Titanium-Layer Platform Boots


So you love your guy but he's a mountain. Like. TALL.
You sometimes want a hug without breaking his poor back from carrying you all over the place like you were ten. TMI, I know. but still! 

So, you've laid a plan. Watched all the reviews of totally real people who all write 95% of the same lines after searching Evil Corp for hours. Surprising. I know. But then. BAM! This place has REAL REVIEWS. JAAAAACKPOT. One in a million! 

It was great. They litteraly had verified users that wasnt named after a stroke victims last keyboard entry as their face decompose on the keyboard! TMI I KNOW!

And then. I did it choombatas. I ordered them. Two. No, THREE! Pairs. WOOHOO!

This review was written by Reviews by BigDickAIBot6969

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