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Trauma Team Armor-weave Tactical Vest

Trauma Team Armor-weave Tactical Vest



"This is Bravo 1-1. We've engaged hostiles in the target area. Requesting backup. Higher resistance than anticipated. How copy"

The team huddles down in cover while firing supressive fire wildly through the thin walls of the night city megabuilding. 

Trying to quickly zero all enemy inside to get their subject that is close to flat lining. The two security members of the team throwing flashbangs in quick succession through the gap in the jammed doorway only to get bursts of return fire from the stubborn defenders inside. Commands being shouted between the gang members on the other side of the wall.


"This is Actual. Another TT team is inbound to support. Landing on the other side of the target building. ETA 18 seconds. Out." The medics hide as well as they could behind their security detail. "Joe, you and Gemma stay here, we're going to blow the wall and rush in with the other team. If we go down pop smoke and get back to the AV. Don't risk it." Joe nods his head. "1-1 this is 2-1. Breaching other end of the building now. Our medics will stay in the AV. Breaching the western wall with a charge. Once it blows you should have a split second to get in. How copy over"


Leifur"Viking" Solstrid, the 1-1 team leader prepares one of his personal inventions. His modified anti personell laser grenade made into a DIY wall breacher focusing the laser outputs into burning a small hole in thin walls. "Roger that 2-1. We're ready to breach on your explosion. Target rich enviorment. 6th street gonks. Shoot to kill, over" His security team member, Frank"Overdose"Willis stacks up on Leifur as he throws the DIY breaching grenade over to the wall from behind the corridor dugout he is currenly hunkered into. Frank squeezes Leifurs shoulder and prepares a flashbang showing it in front of Leifurs face to let him know it's ready. Leifur nods and readies for the bang. "Breaching" can be heard on the radio, followed by a violent tremor moving through the building. The return fire stops momentarily and Leifur clacks off his breaching grenade. A flurry of red lasers eat through the thin plaster walls leaving a hole dripping of gonk from the lasers scorch marks.


Frank throws the flashbang in a perfect flat arc into the new hole, bouncing off the wall with a metallic clunk before a rapid succession of bangs and flashes go off. Leifur doesnt let the moment pass, storming into the breach dropping a 6th street member to his front as he enters. A burst split him cock to head leaving gaping holes in his semi human, semi cybernetic posture falling in on himself with a hollow thunk. Pivoting to the right Leifur follows the wall down before lightning fast pivots into the rooms center before sending a burst into the head of a member hiding behind concealment that is just barely seen from the smart weapons lidar. An explosion of brain and blood cover the wall behind her. Frank went the oposite side of the hole, clearing two hostiles with expertcly executed bursts to the chest up through the head leaving the ghastly corpses with large holes from the smartmunitions. "Clear left!" Frank screams out. "Clear right, ALL clear!" Leifur screams in return.


A wild firefight can be heard from the other side of the wall as riccochets hit through the wall in wild directions. "1-1 this is 2-1. If you're still alive in the neighboring room, we're all clear in here. Your subject is still alive. Send in your medics and we'll get out of here before the backup they called in panic when we blew the wall come barreling down on us. Over" Leifur and Frank moves quickly around confirming their kills with a double tap to the head. No surprise cybernetic fucks today. "Roger that 2-1. Appreciate your help. See you back at base. Joe, come with Gemma. We're ready for extract. Let's get the fuck out of this shithole. 1-1 Out." 


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