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Tyger Claws Ceramic Laminate Aramid Collar

Tyger Claws Ceramic Laminate Aramid Collar


Fuck..fuck... FUUUUUUUUUUCK!
That's the god damn alarm. I told you, I fucking told you!
God damn piece of shit gig. Stroll in while busy dealing with exterior assault huh.. 
Yeah.. that's totally great and all. FUCK!
Okay.... okay... relax.. we've got time... right? 
We can still get out of here alive.. we're almost done getting the data we need onto a shard. 
Here, ma'am. You take it. We'll cover you as best as we can...
OH FUCK is that.. ODA?!... And that's the whole fucking elite squad...

We're fucking dead.. I swear... 

Relax, choom. Don't loose your head. This new exploit we've got here might be able to bypass the assaulters for at least ten seconds for everone but ODA... Make it fucking count. 
For Tyger Claws!  Subete no kigyō kara inu o koroshimasu! Meiyo no tame ni, shi no tame ni!!!!

  • Console Code


  • Location of Item

    2595.4, 1446.13 Clothing Vendor Arroya - Santo Domingo

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