Ultimate Punch Field-Generating Protective Pozer Jacket

Ultimate Punch Field-Generating Protective Pozer Jacket


They call you Mr Queenie. 

You're the best arcade gamer that ever put your feet under the filth that is Night City. But by god, do you ever play good. 
The last wave of competitors have all but been crushed under your swift skill. The word is spreading of the gaming menace of the mysterious Mr Queenie. 

People from out of town come looking for you every now and then with big egos. They never leave happy. Some cry about cheating. Some demand to see the circuit boards. Whatever the excuses..it's kind of pitiful. 

Bow down, for the overlord of the arcade has come to stay. 
Mr Queenie. Mr Queenie. Mr Queenie. They whisper your name in the dark. They all want your title. But it won't be today.




    STAY CONNECTED ...OR DON'T. See if we care.  ( ╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


    It's not (not) the best lifepath.