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Ultralight Amande Rose Anti Puncture Bra

Ultralight Amande Rose Anti Puncture Bra

€250.00 Regular Price
€187.50Sale Price

Discreet? Normal? What's that?


If you're checking this out, you've got the looks and the curves to flaunt! To hell with socially acceptable clothing norms! You were born to be a star!


Whether or not you're one for real, or if you're a has-been or a never-were, you need to purchase this now! Because if you don't, you'll look like a gonk behind the times! We'll even throw in a pair of paisley panties today!

  • Console Code

    Game.AddToInventory("Items.Undershirt_02_rich_01", 1)

  • Location of Item

    Where: TBA
    Location Info: TBA

  • Mods used

    Kala's Cyberware Colors And Demo V Texture Edits (Cyberware 1): Nexus Mods, made by Kala

    Kala's Makeup Edits (Darker Cat Eyeliner): Nexus Mods, made by Kala

    Better Natural Colors (Chocolate Brown): Nexus Mods, made by Shaundi452

    Badlands Accessories (Thigh Holster): Nexus Mods, made by Ashe

    Gorilla Arms Extended (Black Gorilla Arms): Nexus Mods, made by MeteorIWTD

    Custom Eye Colors (Neon Blue): Nexus Mods, made by SilverEzredes

    Wren's Tattoo Emporium (Neon Witch): Nexus Mods, made by TheSilentWren

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