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Upcycled Stain-Resistant Sweatshirt

Upcycled Stain-Resistant Sweatshirt


Hi Marc, this is Vanessa from marketing. We've just taken some photos of this new up and coming business woman that is making a killing with car modifications of all things in Dogtown. What are the odds, right?! So it's pretty sweet. Joe in photography really nailed the feel. 


Can you guys mock up a really upbeat article about her? I've attached a holo interview of her, so you can get an idea. Don't make it to great though, one of our sponsors apparently hate her guts. They just so happen to have a finger in one of the things she does, just ten times as expensive.. Go figure! 


I'd like it on my desk by end of day, yes, I know, that only leaves you 39 minutes. But hey, the interview is only 30 minutes so surely that is EASY for a choom like you! Also please color correct the photos and make sure it's formatted perfectly. We need a clickbait photo edit as well. 


Thanks choom! 


Best regards: 

Head of Marketing

Sarah Vrisnaro 

Global Consumer Review

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