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Voodoo Boys Anti-Interference Netrunner Jacket

Voodoo Boys Anti-Interference Netrunner Jacket


You thought the VDBs were the only ones who could rock the Daemon Hunter style? Guess again. Because DAMN, look at our model here. She looks superfly, doesn't she? Strutting down Kabuki Market like she owns the place (and she might as well), hunting down her target. The job's done already and she knows it, she just has to confirm it.


Wanna be like her? Buy this jacket today. Or don't, be a gonk, and probably be the next one in line to get zeroed by her.

  • Console Code


  • Location of Item

    Fingers' building, ground floor, locker next to dead Joytoy

  • Mods used

    Kala's Cyberware Colors And Demo V Texture Edits (Cyberware 1): Nexus Mods, made by Kala

    Kala's Makeup Edits (Darker Cat Eyeliner): Nexus Mods, made by Kala

    Better Natural Colors (Chocolate Brown): Nexus Mods, made by Shaundi452

    Set swap library (Holster and Gun): Nexus Mods, made by Padhiver

    Gorilla Arms Extended (Black Gorilla Arms): Nexus Mods, made by MeteorIWTD

    Custom Eye Colors (Neon Blue): Nexus Mods, made by SilverEzredes

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