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Well-worn 6th Street Edgerunner

Well-worn 6th Street Edgerunner


So you think crossing your own family is a good idea?

Well then. Let me tell you what happens when you do. 

We've got the beat cops on payroll. See Mr. Vasques over there? 

If I tell him to, he'll go over to your grandmas house and raid it. 

Shoot her in the legs and put the propane on for a sad accidental death. 

You owe us. You owe us BIG. I've got a mission for you. 

It's certain death. But you don't have a fucking choice. Trust me. You don't. 

Get out alive and I'll still fucking zero you. But your family will be safe.

You don't pull it off you'll get front row seats to their execution. Slowly.

So better start planning. You've got one week. Vasques will transfer the deets. 

You've got two days. Two. Get it done. Fast. Clean. You know the odds, now go bet.

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