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So the little gang og Animals thought  you would be easy pray coming home from some heavy drinking. They come up to you with that big fuck off intimidating grin.
"Brudda, I lie your Coat. Hand it 'ova before I dismantle you rood boi"
Without skipping this big fuck off Animal saw vertical. 

Clearly, this wasnt the day for Jermaine.


What the Animals didnt know was that our pissed out of his mind choom walking down the street was a underground bare knuckle boxer
The fight until you zero kind of fight. The two other Animals didnt even have time to react before their uppercuts sent them soaring like ragdolls from ungodly punching power of gorilla arms amped up from the fortified ankle implant. 

The third guys head snapped so violently back it split his wig clean in two like a cheap doll. Covered from head to toe in blood, the pissed out of his mind choom walked home leaving a trail of blood right up into his bed where NCPD found him the following morning. No charges were given. Only a warning for the stashed pineapple. Self defense from a CCTV camera was the verdict. Lifes full of surprises. Don't fuck with someone you don't know. 

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