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Yoru No Samurai Armored Knee-Pad Racers

Yoru No Samurai Armored Knee-Pad Racers


Daydreaming about the weekend when you can pull off the cover of your machine and pop the clutch all over Downtown's back alleys? With grids like these, you can race around in your pants all day long without getting bored behind a desk.


Chooms give you funny looks when you pull up to the line. Little do they know they're about to lose those pink slips to one of the biggest stars of the underground racing scene. You'll gladly take another project car to flip for a few extra eddies. 

And just as the fun starts ramping up... It's back to work in a cubicle. Selling boner pills to gonks that can't get it up.


I live for the weekend. You should too.


Fuck corpos and their wage slave shit.

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