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Tyrell "MC Lil' Cactus" Sandercock

night city gangster rap legend


Long before he was a badlands rapper Tyrell "MC Lil'Cactus" Sandercock has been part of the underground music scene from the beginning.

With Platinum records back to back and a rather colorful background in Maelstrom before finally going legit. His latest Album, "Badland Legends" topped the charts across the Americas. 

I: So tell us, G, what's with the MC name? 

TS: Aight, thanks for having me choom. It's a rather  funny incident really. We were coming down from a run from Pacifica when some angry fucking KKK looking crackers tried to run us off the road. After the second bump my homie behind the wheel slammed on the brakes and we got out to start swinging. Those boys knew how to throw down! Got my nose busted real fucking good. But to the point, once the fight started settling down one of the fuckboys pulled a gat on us! Fuck'n Pussy!
So I did the only reasonable thing I could. I pulled out my gat and blasted him.


With pure luck I hit him straight in the arm. Shit went BLAM! SPLAT! and the motherfucker got his arm flying through the air like some bad b-movie homie! Shit was hilarious! So I came on over to the guy. Took his arm and tossed that bitch as hard as I could into the nearest Cactus Top. You should see the fucking expression on this guys face when his stump of a hand got spit-roast like a god damn Christmas decoration on the top! Looked maaaad bro. So anyway. Since I was still a shorty in the gang at the time, people started calling me Lil' Cactus. It kind of stuck. So when I debuted my first mixtape I had to come up with a MC name to introduce my homies that were a bit deeper in the underground rap scene. So I stuck to the nickname and people fucking loved that shit. 

I: That's fucking crazy! Brooo. Jesus. I can see it in my head, hah! 
Did the cracker survive though?


TS: Far as I know, he was still breathing when he tried scaling that Cactus to retrieve his hand as we drove off laughing hysterically. Motherfucker must have been pulling out cacti needles for weeks! 

I: Hahaha. Preem choom. Fucking Preem! You've got to tell me though. I've heard rumors that you've taken up some Modelling on the side bro? What's that all about?

Seems like a weird turn for a gangster rapper to take in the prime of his career?


TS: Hah! Yeah I know homie. Shit's a bit 'wack. So I got mixed up with a interesting Fixer of all things that thought I'd look right at home doing some photoshoots. My first shoot was just for shits and giggles to get some honeys, you know? But it was actually pretty fucking sweet. Good pay. Good liquor and as many fly honeys as you could possible stick your.. yeah you get the point. And I've been doing it since. Pushing that Badlands style into the mainstream choom! 
Black, Powerful and ANGRY as FUCK. Looks fucking BADASS. One good photoshoot now pull in more eddies than a year of touring as a rapper. It's fucking insane. 

I: What a change of pace! I love it! I know you're busy homie, I won't keep you long. But on the way out, tell us about your latest Album "Badland Legends" choom!

TS: Aight aight. So it's obviously still hard as fuck. Pages of my life as a badland solo mixed up in that gang shit. I've done a lot of fucked up shit in my life and with the money situation is we can go to town with some lawyer leeches if some NCPD boys think the lyrics actually hit a bit to close to home. It's in stores now. If you think you've heard some rough shit, think again. This shit gonna blast your grandmas whips stereo to 11 and want more. 

I: Man I've listened to it before you came in, and MAN, it sounds fucking WICKED.

That's some crazy fucking lyrics man. Keeping it real. Gangster as fuck. On your way out give us some bars from one of the songs, won't you? 

TS: Fuck yeah choom, aight. DJ, hit my fucking beat. This is old school beats not remixed or remastered since the 2020s man. Fucking PREEM material.

Throw on that Bout Shit feat DMX, The Lox. I'll jump around a bit through verses 'cuz we don't have time for it all. OK- Replay that shit homie. 

BRAP! BRAP! BRAP! MC Lil' Cactus up in the fucking Booth!
This is from my latest release Badland Legends.

We gonna spit a bit from the song called: Cactus Murder Song.


With bars heavier than the magnum, you can't stop this.

Fire from the booth over at Interstate 66.

Dick suckin' Wild stylin' Rough riding till I die.

No fuck boys around, only roadmen by my side.

We bring these gats up into this cactus maze and put you 6ft deep.

Like the early Vegas days. Unnamed grave. 

We bury you with the shit, like a failed abortion.

Not like the others. We 'wildin. Keepin' it 'real-

Merge these cowboy tunes with that street shit. 

Bang this shit in your grandmas whip!

Ghetto leaning, sippin' on that Cognac while getting head.

Firing out the side window with your grandpas six shooter.

The last bastion of faith. Night City.

I'd rather you roll a book.

Blaze that shit and become a heathen.

See me high as a kite.

Cause' we're all doomed.

Go out in a blaze of glory.

Ain't nobody going to heaven 'in Night City.

So I'll send you straight to the devil where you belong.

I'll ride up on that saloon harder than the Corpos fuck your mother

We don't come to talk. We come to murder your crew.

No speeches. This ain't the movies. Just BRAP! BRAP! BRAP!

No fucks given.  Your posse dying 'round you 'like bitches.
Blood soil the dirt and you'll learn, fuck boy, who the real legend is.
We'll nourish these 'fuckin cactuses with your brain matter-
'cuz you see, my villa got fifty feet cactuses from the fuckers that crossed me.

Cartel executions look 'right pussy after you've seen my handiwork!

Aight,aight,aight Thanks for having me Chombatta! Stay real. Live like a rockstar.

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