Who are we, and where are we going?

Cyberpunk404 is the most fashion-forward guide to the apparel and gear from the Cyberpunk 2077 game and features hundreds of high-quality, styled photoshoots taken throughout Night City. It's retail therapy at its finest.

We hope you’ll find your next look in our vast library of unique looks. Using our filters, you’ll be able to find just what you’re looking for. You can filter by character slot, color, or even gender. You’ll keep coming back for more. We’re almost certain of it.


Right now, there is a tight-knit group of contributors that works alongside me, helping with a lot of the photography and various other tasks. All clothing articles without a copyright tag is from yours truly. 

Can I help?

We've momentarily stopped accepting photo contributions since we're getting closer to the point where we can cover the remaining mixed gender shots with the manpower we have. However, if you feel like you can contribute in some other way, feel free to contact me through email. There are plenty of tasks that I would accept help with, such as finding locations of items, adding said found locations to the store roster, etc. The only limit is the time you're willing to donate to the Cyberpunk 404 community.

The other way you can help support the project is to donate through BuyMeACoffee. Currently, the cost of the project comes to about $70 a month. My hope to be able to maintain this site with your help as the community. I will never run ads on the site, as I feel like that would ruin the overall feel and look of it. You'll never need an ad blocker to browse to your heart's content.

All donated costs will go to website upkeep; if there's extra, it'll go to keeping my coffee mug full.


The way forward and beyond

Right now, the main focus of the project is to get every single clothing article up with a mixed gender setup. So that no matter what clothing article in game you want a high quality fashion photoshoot of, you can find it and view it from every angle you'd ever need. 

If it also happens to give you an idea for your own V's appearance with the linked items that are also being worn, even better. We have added Weapons and Vehicles sections, and the Mods Showcase has gotten a temporary button and setup. Stay tuned! 

I want to thank all the fantastic contributors that have helped to make this project possible. You all help me keep the project on track and your efforts have really expedited the process of building the Cyberpunk 404 site and community.