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Not a massive update or anything. But, I've updated the lookbook with the new sets. Also made it so that at least on desktop for the time being you don't have to go through like 4 freaking pages to get to the actual lookbook. Now you can just press it on the top bar and it will take you directly to the lookbook page. It's sadly a downside of the website designer. I'll see if I cant get a workaround for mobile eventually. Otherwise, we slowly moving through the last sets of outer layers. I'm really looking forward to finally being done with it. Taking some extra time to make the last once decent as far as pictures. If it hasnt been obvious yet I like making a little storyline in the photos these days instead of just closeups. While that technically perhaps is better in some ways, it just looks boring to scroll through in my opinion. Combine that with some wacky and non serious clothing article descriptions, you've got a got a decent combined package. I'll probably go back and re-do some of the older sets eventually, but that's hardly a priority. Once I'm done with the outers I still havnt quite figured out what comes next, but more than likely it will be the weapons and vehicles. Those are both pretty quick to get done compared to other stuff. Seperate "stores" for each item type is something I want to get in as well once every outer is done, as I really don't want to spam the "main" store page with a lot of up close shots of all the top, face, inner, legs and feet stuff. While they're essential in their own way, I dont plan to do super intricate photoshoots of those. Simply because they are of a "secondary" nature, while I consider the outer to be the main focus on any good outfit (with some obvious exceptions). Anyway, hope everyone is enjoying it. If anyone have any suggestions and what not my email is always open for criticism and ways to improve certain aspects of the site. I'm only one person so there's only so many things I can think of. In other words, outside input is always fantastic and will be taken seriously into consideration. is always open.

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