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Site Overhaul V.9001

I've had the time this evening, or morning, or what ever time zone you might be in, to update the look of the site a bit and flesh out some annoyances I've had that I never quite got around to do. We've got a new About Us page up and running.

It's been out of date for the last 3 weeks.. ironic since we've been live for a month. Anyway. It's up to date now and we've also added a Contributor Kit which has some basics you'll need to be able to earmark your own photos from now on if you can. We've added a guide under the about page on how to do this. It will help us shave a lot of time spent on doing this inhouse when it could be done by contributors if at all possible. Among those things is to get a proper background to pages.

This alone helps a lot in giving it a more...finished feel so to speak.

I've done some tweaks to the clothing shop, to get rid of the price filter (pointless, they are all just random numbers pulled out of a hat) The preview picture format has been improved and fewer item per row (on desktop) to actually let you see properly what you're looking at without having to go into the articles as much to get an idea of the item. Quick look has been taken away for the time being as it kind of hogs to much of the screen to be effective. If people miss it direly I'll put it back in the next pass. Do let me know. There's been added a new Lookbook album. This is for all you photomode geeks out there. It's pretty empty now but it will contain all of our favorite locations to take photos. It's pretty barren right now but it will be filled out as we start gathering it.

We've added a link to our Sheet to quickly see our progress on our location gathering quest as well as what items have been uploaded to the site, and therefor, which are missing. To get access see the About Us page. Same goes for Discord link. We'll be adding one in the bottom area of the page eventually.

That's it for now. enjoy and as always.

Stay fashionable chooms.


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