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Aldecaldos Motorcycle Jacket

Aldecaldos Motorcycle Jacket


Family. We've all got one. But there's nothing quite like a nomad family. You might not always get along, but at the end of the day, they will toss themselves in front of a pack of hungry Corpo wolves for you.


The Aldecaldos has always been a cornerstone in the racing lineages of the Badlands with the most wins coming back home to the tribe. We know these lands. We know every bump, every dip, and every single shift in the wind across the dugouts and down the canyons.


You've raced since the day you turned 4. Your first pit bike. You raced around the tents like a maniac. You got better, and at the age of 6, you were already riding around on 125cc dirt bikes and keeping up with the best of them. Oh, life was sweet back then. So carefree. So peaceful. How times change.


You're older now. Your ride of choice is, and always will be, the Apollo.

It's the perfect fit for you AND it matches your trusty jacket.


They go hand in hand. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The good and the mad.

Together, you are unstoppable AND your own worst enemy.


There's something mean about it. It comes out when you're pinned in 6th gear and all you want to do is turn hard—off the road—and leave it all behind. You know you could do it. You know the bike could take it. And one day, you might very well do it. Leave these blasted lands.


But until then, you are stuck here. With this loving family. And at the end of the day, your biggest worry is if the engine will start in the morning... to rip up these dunes once again.

Color: Brown
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