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Aramid Composite Ballistic Vest

Aramid Composite Ballistic Vest


What in the incarnation has happend here. Dispatch, we've got some kind of shodown between a third party and our suspects. I'm going deeper to see if I can find our agent. Please send an internal dispatch bolo for FIA agent Corey. Run his cover identity through the cyberwarfare team to see if they can't track him. 








Dispatch. I've found our guy. He's KIA. There was some resistance, but I don't believe theres anyone around that could cause any issues on extract since all internal resistance has been eliminated. Log 7 KIA. All were Justified.  I have one live suspect that's being held against his will. Need a FIA extraction team to debrief him. We'll be at the pre-assigned LZ in around 39 minutes. Get a bird over my location and keep me updated on any movement. Special agent Dresden out, going radio silent for now until LZ. 

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