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NetWatch Agent

NetWatch Agent


Once you have seen the blackwall, theres no going back.

Take the blue pill, the red pill..hell maybe even the yellow. Go hard or go home.


Whatever your business is, our newest model of Aramid Netrunning Suit will fit your needs. 
Constructed of only the finest nano aramid fibers, you'll be sure to stay cool even under the most extreme circumstances. 


Making the highest quality netrunning gear is expensive, so we try to only use the finest of chinese sweat shop slave labor. To guaruantee the fit don't look like it was bought off Zish, anorexic models are kept on staff to try before shipping. 


Worn in photoshoot:

Face: Boostknit-Polymer Military Techgogs

Outer Torso: Military-Grade Aramid Netrunning Suit

Feet: Reinforced-Leather Office Pumps


Model might or might not be legendary hacker Dread Pirate Roberts. 



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