Arasaka Polycarbonate Corporate Blazer

Arasaka Polycarbonate Corporate Blazer


Man did you see that old hag shake in her boots when you threw the gat on the table? Hahaha. Fucking hell you're a madman choom. We sure got that fucking money though. Owing thirty five grand... How the hell is that even possible in this economy. To be fair I guess she was a bit shaken up before you threw the revolver on the table and told her to start empyting it in her own head. Considering you..uhh.. didnt take out any bullets. Well, technically you did when you shot her son in the head with the first one.. But you know.. hahaha. SAVAGE! I love it. We're going far man. Want to grab some food before the next one? We've got a orphanage director to shake down in a couple of hours. I've already bought the petrol bombs. They're ready in the van. Three hundred and fifteen thousand eddies in debt. Big oof man. Big oof. Might have to call in our torture specialist for this son of a bitch. He's got more lard on him than the dough man. 


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    2780.74, 1099.26 Avante - Charter Hill - Westbrook


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It's not (not) the best lifepath.