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Arasaka Thermoset Aramid Collar

Arasaka Thermoset Aramid Collar


Become an inhouse technican for Arasaka they said.
Travel the world in style they said. 

Flexible schedule they said. 

Fucking cunts I say. 
Ten months left on contract of a two year gig. 

Stuck in a god damn shed to manage the rich ladies internal server datafort. What does it have on it? Baking reciepes, Some kid pictures. Fifteen petabytes of cat photos. The code to her sons tomb. Fuck this is weird. The most joy I get during the day is changing the pools disintegration protocol on to sterilize the water. No one would bother trying to breach this fucking datafort. It's all local anyway. Why would they hire me for 150 thousand eddies a year.. to baby sit cat pictures. I don't fucking get it man. I just.. want this to end. So I can see sunlight again. This chair my prison. This job my cruel mistress holding me by the leash. Ugh. Fuck corpos man. Fuck'em. 

Color: Black
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