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Army-j3w3l Polycarbonate Tactical Flight Jacket

Army-j3w3l Polycarbonate Tactical Flight Jacket



So you wanted me to come alone, unarmed? Hah. I must say, I really appreciate your stupidity. You think you could steal my shipment of synthcoke and sell it to my competitor? We might be at war but even WE have standards. You see. I've got Kang Tao on payroll. They effectively work as my own personal security detail wherever I go. Taking out your rag tag band of mercs was to them easier than fucking your mothers when we're done here. No, don't worry hermano. I won't be fucking your mother. We're not animals! Unlike you, I've got standards. Family is off limits. They shouldnt suffer for our fuck ups, don't you agree Herman?


Now tell me where you hid my stash, and how many are guarding it. I don't have to hurt your family to get you to talk. We both know Kang Tao has some really sweet tech in their repetoar for VIP Clients. They don't only make smart weapons you know. Their chemists are some fucking wizards. Together with my pure Synthcoke we've made some really fun cocktails that will be sure to melt your brain slowly enough to see your own world dissolve into a personal nightmare.


All test subjects have scratched their skin off trying to make it stop. Their eyes gouged out. Genitals ripped apart. This is all in a padded room mind you. Can you imagine what would happen if you got access to a torturers tool kit while on that shit. Man I can't comprehend the amount of pain you'd be able to inflict on yourself without being able to make it stop. 

Now please. Herman, compas, tell me, WHERE. IS. MY.FUCKING.STASH!


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    Where: TBA
    Location Info: TBA

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