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Blauer Nebel Eazy-breathe High-alloy Sequined Foldtop

Blauer Nebel Eazy-breathe High-alloy Sequined Foldtop


Drug dealer by night, rockstar by day.

No matter how many bricks you sell you can never get enough dough. It's just not possible. The Eddies keep piling and you don't really know what the fuck you can use them for anymore. 

So you bought yourself a supercar. Some expensive watches. Threw away ten grand a night at one of the biggest bars each weekend.. and yet.. it's but a drop in the ocean. 

Hell, even the yatch in harbor didnt really put much of a dent in your operation. So you fill your days with static. Ride around town with your cyborged out bodyguard in the passenger seat revving your car at any babe over a 9. Is it worth it? The misery you cause? Not really.  But it's the only thing you're good at. 

And you don't become a legend by selling hair products at the mall. So you better believe I'll keep doing it. Strive for the top. The respect. The POWER to do whatever I want. Whenever I want. TO whoever I want. That baby, eddies can never give you. Only raw. unadulterated POWER. 

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