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Canine Power Hybrid-Stitch Pozer-Jacket

Canine Power Hybrid-Stitch Pozer-Jacket


Someone forgot to lock up the dog pound.... again.
So there you were, riding down your favorite avenues. 
And then you see those fuckboys looking mean in the parking lot. 
Bragging about their latest small gigs. Muggings. 
So you pull up on those fools to give them a piece of your mind.
You're an animal after all. You don't tolerate shit from ANYBODY.

They'll never forget the day they met you once Trauma Team comes for them in a bit.
The Yellow menace taking on 3 grown men as a female.

But not any female. Animal. 
Cybernetics to match and surpass any puny biological man muscles.

Gorilla arms and lynx paws, they never hear you coming before it's to late. 

Snap. Crack. Bang. A flurry of arms and legs. It's all you need. 

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    Where: TBA
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