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Deadly Lagoon Anti-Puncture Windbreaker

Deadly Lagoon Anti-Puncture Windbreaker


A night fiend. You live for the weekend. Hate the week. You've become a night raven. So depressed working for the man you have a drink or two a night just to keep you feeling half alive. Half supressed. Half awake. It's not a way to live. But you have no choice. 


Pop a couple of pills once friday hits. And don't stop popping them until closing time sunday. Go out raving. Get a bird. Fuck. Then Fuck again. Then leave. It's the same old. Wake up feeling like death incarnate Monday morning. Cry in the shower. Put on your suit and tie. Go back to your cubicle. Repeat. 

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    Where: TBA
    Location Info: TBA

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