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Desert Tac Vest with Anti-Sand Scarf

Desert Tac Vest with Anti-Sand Scarf


Listen! I KNOW that you know where the black box for the plane was taken. We know everything. Don't test me, Rebecca! You have no idea what lengths we have been authorised to go to here. You'll have gone through interrogation training, sure. The only problem is this Rebecca... You knew you'd survive that. Theres always a safety net...


Tell me the location, save yourself from unneeded suffering. My blade will be a sweet release after Mick over here plugs into your socket for a while. Yes, I did say his name, didn't I - Tell me, Rebecca, from your training, what do you think that means? Oh, John, did you see the flicker in the eyes? The pupil dialation. Fear. Pure, unadulterated fear. Hah! Now you're starting to understand Rebecca! Good. Now... GIVE ME THE FUCKING LOCATION! 



*Secure comms protocol alpha nine zero nine* 


We've got the location. Send in Doomhammer. I'm sending you the location now.

Scorching earth and we're moving out to the next target. Mark my location and send in the local cleaners once the thermite is done. No witnesses.


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    Where: TBA
    Location Info: TBA

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