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Durable Hardened Syn-Cotton T-shirt

Durable Hardened Syn-Cotton T-shirt


So durable you could throw your friends mama out the 88th story window, hit it dead on and still be factory mint condition. Yeah. We're THAT confident in our product.

Granted, you might not ever get the smell out of it afterwards, but by god will it take it.

Also there might be the slight problem of bodily fluids suddenly having made it a redish pink and not,well,white. But you know.

You give and you take with cadaver marketing testing.

...Are you asking us if we actually threw a fat lady out the of a 88th story window to test it?

uhhhhh... Can we answer that? 

Yes. We did. She was dead though. Early stages of decomp.

The firedepartment refused to move her so we got the call as a favor.

You know. Normal stuff. yeah. yup. totally normal.

Guerilla marketing or some shit. Yup. yup. 

Color: White
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