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Fancy 2-Piece with Merino Wool Accents

Fancy 2-Piece with Merino Wool Accents


So, I'm a crook. But at least I'm an honest crook. No money gained through the sale of the flesh. No drugs. Don't target the young or the fragile. Just an honest old timey crook. You get in, you break some noses - and the odd knee cap. And then you get out of there to reap your rewards. No heroics. No monologues. Just good old fashioned crook shit. 


So, if I said I didnt monolgoue, my dear friend with the broken nose "Why the fuck are you monologing at me?!" - Because -  I figured you'd hear what would happen to you next if you dont give me the GOD DAMN INFORMATION Barth. You're not young or old, and so far I've only broken your nose. Do with that information as you wish. You've got 15 seconds to spit it out, that's the time it takes me to thread on this supressor before zeroing you. 

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    Where: TBA
    Location Info: TBA

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