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Flashy Jacket

Flashy Jacket


*** Operative debrief dialoge from surveilance drone personnel ***


I'm looking for a colleague of mine that has fallen on hard times. Spare a moment to check out his photo incase you've seen him? I'll make it worth your while. Over by the underpass? Oh thank you - heres 500 credits - and heres 500 more never to talk about this conversation again. Have a blessed day. 


John! What a delightful sight. You've looked better! Funny seeing how far you've fallen from your station. Let's make this quick - shall we? I know - I know. This is such a drag. "But I only stole a couple hundred thousand credits from BioTechnia!" Yes, darling. That - you certainly did. Now please, take this gun so we can end this in an honorable way. No sneaky shit though - you hear me? I've heard all about you. 




*Rapid gunfire sounds can be heard echoing under the bridge - one sound source* 



Color: Graffiti
  • Console Code


  • Location of Item

    Where: TBA
    Location Info: TBA

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