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Heat-Resistant Long Vest

Heat-Resistant Long Vest


Everyones a big mouth gangster until the gats get laid out on the table. 

The heat resistant long vest is a major step towards making sure your street hood rats are dressed to code to handle the HEAT on the streets. 


No coppers, gangers og try hard wankers will dare step up to your blinged out shit.

Made out of special polymers that reflect up to 99,95*% of all heat radiation 


Worn in photoshoot:

Head: 6th Street Side Cap

Face: Manganese-Laminate Nomad Gas Mask

Outer Torso: Heat-Resistant Long Vest

Inner Torso:  Liquid Shine Dura-Polyamide Button-Up


Actor is totally an actor and not a pchycopathic homicidal murder hobo

*Tested in simulations, melts to open flame in real life


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