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Heavy-Duty Aramid-Reinforced Badge Coat

Heavy-Duty Aramid-Reinforced Badge Coat


D: Ma'am. We've intercepted a pirate broadcast sending out encrypted messages about a convoy bringing a prisoner to a remote location. We believe it might be our VIP. Scrambling local forces and a MaxTac interception squad to help the locals.

R: Interrogate and judge on site. No witnesses. Scorched earth, understood?

D: Understood ma'am. Sending Doomhammer I and Valkyrie V to help with the potential assault. Doomhammer I, Valkyrie V confirm orders. How copy, over?


D: Intercept complete. Location interrogated from one of the hostiles in the van. Location found and executed assault on compound. All hostiles and witnesses exterminated. No witnesses. Location burnt to a crisp. VIP Codename: VII, real name*REDACTED* safely gotten out of there. Doomhammer I dropped off for debrief before handing over to *REDACTED*. 

R: Good work. On to the next one. Situational report on SAC:33220191-1?

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    2855.95, 1519.76 Santo Domingo free legendary

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