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Kang Tao Reflective Hybridweave Utility Vest

Kang Tao Reflective Hybridweave Utility Vest


So they've finally upgraded you to shift supervisor. 
You've got a lot more on your shoulders with a fat pay increase of 0.5 eddies an hour. Well shit. These corpo leaders sure know how to make you feel special don't they.


Thankfully, the choombas you work with know you've been though the gutter with them and they respect you. 

With hybridweave and Kang Taos special reflective tape you'll be seen from far and wide. Just don't walk behind Parkers mom. It's a black hole for light. Yeah we did a your mom joke in a marketing pitch. We're hip damnit. LIKE US FELLOW KIDS.

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    Where: TBA
    Location Info: TBA

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