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Laser-Cut 2-Piece with Cooling Panels

Laser-Cut 2-Piece with Cooling Panels


Tell me Jennifer, why do you think that uniform makes you any better than these poor fuckers that scrabble around here, huh? Your superior wit and good looks? No. Not at all. It's simple. You got lucky at one point. You chose a right when they took a left. That sweet first high instead of the spiked one. 


Now I'll give you a simple choice, and you can determine how much luck really matters.

Shoot any one of these poor souls. They won't care. The remaining won't even flinch. Throw them a few baggies and you're god. That's the entrance ticket to my security force, Jennifer. 

A life on your own terms, well paid, ofcourse. 


Oh, and if you thought luck had nothing to do with it... Bella over there will zero you if you don't make a choice within the next 15 seconds. So I guess it's choose.. who's feeling...l-u-c-k-y..?

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