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Laser-Cut Dress with Impregnated Fluocarbon

Laser-Cut Dress with Impregnated Fluocarbon


**** Incident Report GF-6913-3732-16780085****


Locals refuse to give any information on what has happend.  Signs indicate short and brutal fighting. Shell casings correspond with all the dead bodies here, except for one. The patterns gunpowder on some of the bodies indicate use of a suppressed weapon, possibly a pistol. 


After closer inspection, the dead civilian was in fact not taken out by the perpetrator, but the guards themselves. We found no firearms or other weapons on the body. Possible vigilante action spurred on by the sights of said execution. 


Furter investigation is required. At this time we will not be dedicating any more time trying to find the perpetrator, however a seperate investigation will be opened regarding the possible killing of a civilian from guard forces. 


Senior military police attache R. Willis.


****End of Report****

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