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M221 Saratoga

M221 Saratoga


Everyone in Night City knows the characteristic rattle of this submachine gun. Designed in the 2040s, Militech intended the Saratoga to a be versatile piece in their corporate security arsenal. Its undisputed advantages—small frame, light weight, relatively cheap price, ease of use and modifiability—also rendered this SMG a major hit outside the glass towers of Corpo Plaza. Gangs, in particular, took a liking to it. This SMG is the ideal weapon for vehicular and urban combat. But as the average Joes and Janes gain greater access to the Saratoga, corporate security forces will need to equip themselves with a more powerful deterrent.

Available randomly in black, olive drab, dark tan, neon green, pink, dark red, bright red, dark grey with Nomad-themed stickers, and black with a small America-themed sticker.

Color: Black
  • Location of Item

    Available from most NPCs, Weapon Shops and Crafting.

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